Expansion Marketing – National Level


  •  Website Promotion with content writing and keywords
  •  Google Adsense,GoogleAdwords.GoogleAnalytics
  •  Affiliated and Referral Marketing for customers services and products
  •  Paid Advertising services on socialmedia
  •  Face Book Marketing and Instagram ads
  •  LinkedIn, Google Reviews and Micro blogging with content
  •  Video Marketing ( YouTube, Face book Live)
  •  Online advertisement with city searching
  •  Reviews on Google and social media.
  •  Updates of business time to time
  •  Online Classified Listing(MOL) , E-Mail Marketing with businessmails , Smart Mobile MarketingStrategiesDisplay smsMarketing
  •  kotapride Special Promotion CampaignThrough · Expansion Marketing – Expanding business by increasing your Networkareas.
  •  Magnetic Marketing – By Attracting more and moreclients.
  •  Influencer Marketing – using review method to gain customer trust.
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