Cyber Security Pledge to build safe online environment.

In the current scenario where the world is going digital, we can aptly address ourselves as the digital citizens of the cyber world. As digital citizens, it is essential we are aptly aware and alert about these online frauds or dangers and follow best online digital practices to stay safe in cyber space.

Come, let us all take the cyber security pledge and commit ourselves to build safe online environment.


I, the citizen of digital India and a user of the global cyber space, take the pledge to be cyber aware and alert in safeguarding myself, my family and friends to enable a safe cyber society that can capably fight back online dangers and does not tolerate any cybercrimes or frauds.

I pledge to follow ethical, hygienic and secure digital practices at all times and promise to –

Take personal responsibility for digital safety and follow cyber hygiene practices at all times for online security.
Strictly comply to policies, guidelines and procedures of my organization.
Report all suspicious and inappropriate cyber incidents to competent authorities.
Always assess about the risks and their impact, before use of cyberspace.
Make use of cyber space in ethical & kind manner only and will not engage in cyber bullying, posting undesirable comments, fake news etc.
Safeguard all sensitive data from inappropriate disclosure.
Respect and protect the digital privacy of others and self.
Be aware and adhere to copyrights policy of online resources.
Enable security and privacy settings while making use of online resources.
Promote awareness on cyber hygiene and safety among friends, family, colleagues and community.
Thankful and grateful
Sunil chawla
CEO kotapride

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